Good bye Spokane.  Hello Helena.

Well we're close enough to the actual event that we need to share.  We will be moving very shortly from Spokane, WA to Helena, MT.  Due to this, we are going to put a hold on shipping out all new orders received until we are relocated and caught up on taking care of all the animals.  I can't offer an exact day that we will be ready to resume shipping but my best guess is around the 3rd week of august.  You're welcome to order between now and then (and we appreciate if you do), please just be aware of the wait that will occur between order and shipping. Thank you.


A note to locals, This Saturday July 23rd, From 4pm till 7pm i would like to have a little yard sale event as a last chance to hook you up in person (excluding the future annual reptile expos) and lighten the load that i need to transport a little bit.  I will have an exclusive Coupon code available at my home for those that arrive so that they can get an extremely good deal on any spiders currently listed on the site, and i will also have some random used enclosures, aquariums, etc. available as well.  The location will just be the front yard at my current home 1504 E Queen Avenue, Spokane WA, 99207.   Please know that i have a LOT of work i need to get done and not enough time, so i will be a stickler for the 4-7pm time frame and ask you to please be inside that window.  Thank you.