Last Updated:  2024 June 3 

June special: 


For June, we have just created a must have classics sling bundle.  For a discounted price of $125, the bundle has 1 each of the following slings:

Caribena versicolor

Chromatopelma cyaneopubecens

Grammostola pulchra.


We also have an OW Juvenile Assortment - Tarantula Bundle which is 1x each of 4 different oldworld juveniles.

Omothymus violaceopes (singapore blue)

Stromatopelma calceatum (Feather Leg Baboon)

Harpactira namaquensis (Bronze Baboon)

Chilobrachys sp. Vietnam Blue (Vietnam blue tarantula)


Additionally if there are any BIG spenders out there, I'm making an additional "special" which is 40% off orders over $1,000.00.  Use code CCPayment during checkout. This sale will end either once I get my credit cards paid off or once I miss the payment date to not owe interest, whichever comes first.  (and late this month or early next month you'll get to see the results of my overspending.  Look forward to it.)