All sales are final.


Shane's Spiders, LLC reserves the right to refuse service to anybody.


Must be at least 18 years old to purchase.  By purchasing from Shane's Spiders, LLC you are agreeing that you are a minimum age of 18 years old


Venomous Animal Warning:

Most of the animals we sell are venomous.  Take the appropriate precautions with working with animals.  Shane's Spiders, LLC cannot be held liable for any injury or damages caused by animals that are received from us.


Shipping Dry goods:

We try to ship out as quickly as possible once we receive an order.  But some of our products are made to order, and production time can potentially add a few days to the timeline.   Dry goods will typically be sent through the ground service of our choice. Please inquire with any questions you may have before ordering if timing is a serious concern for you.


Shipping Live animals:

Ship days are typically Mondays and Tuesdays.  Occasionally Wednesday can be arranged as well.  All shipping will be done through FedEx Overnight services.  Due to the nature of shipping live animals, we cannot guarantee that the shipping conditions will always be favorable to ship right away, so every weekend, we check weather on pending orders and send out messages to those waiting to attempt to shedule a ship day, or explain if shipping would be unsafe at that time.  WE WILL NOT SHIP ANMALS WITHOUT CONFIRMING THE SHIPDATE!  Please check your emails (including spam and promotional folders) and if you have any questions or conserns, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at any time. Note: Hold for pickup at an authorized FedEx Ship Center may be required under certain circumstances. 


Shipping Mixed Live and non live:

Please note that if you purchase both living and non-living products in a single order, usually they will each ship separately through the appropriate shipping method.  if you need the dry goods before receiving animals, we are happy to delay shipping animals until the other products have all been properly received.


Live Arrival Guarantee (LAG):

Shane's Spiders, LLC takes pride in the quality of our packing practices, but there is still unfortunately always the potential for misfortunate events to occur.  In the event of a Dead On Arrival (DOA) specimen or a specimen that concerns any concerning behavior.  Please contact us IMMEDIATELY.  Our LAG policy will cover the cost of any DOA animals so long as the following criteria are met:

1. Any concerns must be brought to our attention within 2 hours of delivery (or pickup, on the scheduled arrival day).  Shane's Spiders, LLC cannot be held liable for the results of any carrier delays. 

2. Photos of the specific DOA specimen, or anything of concern, must be included when messaging.

3. At the discretion of Shane's Spiders, LLC you may need to return any DOA specimens to qualify for LAG.

4. If there are no DOA specimens but you have concerns regarding a specimen, please contact us immediately, just as you would for a DOA so that we are aware of any potential issues and we will try to work with you on a case by case basis.  We want you to receive animals in good health, not just alive.

5. At the discretion of Shane's Spiders, LLC it may be required that shipping be to an authorized FedEx Facility for pickup and/or have shipping postponed in order to qualify for LAG.  During times of extreme or severe weather/temperature, or near holidays are the most likely times for this to be implemented.