So here's how freebies work HERE at Shanes Spiders.  IF you order a spider, then you're eligible to choose ONE freebie from our freebie list per shipment/delivery.  (please don't ask for other species not on the list unless we offer it first)  That's it.  No price tiers or anything like that.  :)


Current options:

Ceratogyrus darlingi



We're going to try an experiment.  We're going to add a "BONUS Spider" feature.  This will basically be another freebie the way that all the other places do their normal freebies.  IF your spider order hits a certain amount, then in addition to everything else, you can ALSO have ONE bonus spider added to your shipment from your price tier or any lower Tier (plus a regular freebie).

This is going to be an experiment, so things might end up changing or going away in the future so bear with us please (and feel free to give us thoughts and feedback)

Tier 1:  Spend $300+ - 1 Chilobrachys sp. Vietnam Blue

Tier 2:  Spend $450+ - 1 Dolichothele diamantinensis OR Tier 1 bonus

Tier 3:  Spend $600+ -  1 Dolichothele mineirum OR Tier 2 OR Tier 1 bonus.



Note:  if more than one size of a freebie  or bonus species is available, assume the smallest size is the one offered unless specifically stated otherwise.  

*Freebies are only available on purchases of live animals.