Intro to the Education blog



Part of what I want from my website is for it to turn into a good source of Correct information pertaining to all the animals we work with.  It wont be a quick process.  Currently I'm doing everything myself and there just aren't enough hours in the day to do everything I need to, as well as everything I want, so I will be trying to slowly improve and add more information.  Some will be under the specific products to which it pertains, and more general or more detailed information, I will probably try to release in smaller articles in this blog.


I have no specific timeline or schedule for making new blogs so please just bare with me as we go.  I expect my next blog(s) will probably be relating to the terms that are found in the product filter of the Store section on my site.  Each term describes a specific characteristic that can be applied to certain such as where a tarantula originates from or how it lives.


But for now, I am unprepared to make such a post and will leave you instead with some various reading materials you can pick up if you want to really get a solid foundation for your self.  Note: This is not an exhaustive list of all good sources, just a list of books I personally have on the shelf.


Tarantulas Breeding Experience & Wildlife - I would definietly reccomed this book.  It doesn't require a degree to read and it will provide a very good start/foundation of knowledge.


The Tarantulas Keepers Guide - PERSONALLY, I found this one to be very educational when I first got started, HOWEVER there are some parts, especially considering care practices which are NOT good information, so unfortunately, you have to be skeptical of the information provided.


Tarantulas of the World Theraphosidae - I haven't actually made it through this one yet, but I have thumbed through and it has some very interesting stuff in it.  It is a bit more technical, and probably not the best for the average keeper or potential keeper to start with, but for somebody who is a little more scientific (or wants to be) this one is likely a good choice as it appears to have some more detailed anatomy, at least a little taxonomy info, a detailed section on venoms which I haven't found in any other book I own.


The British Tarantula Society (journal) - This is a membership that you can purchase for a reasonable fee, and you will be sent 3 journals yearly.  There is also a digital only subscription which is a lower cost for those that don't mind reading on a screen instead of having a physical copy.  NOTE: The standard paper journal membership includes digital access as well.  Each Journal has a variety of articles about tarantulas or other spiders.  Often descriptions for new species are included, as well as breeding reports on various species.


There are others out there too also if you look.   Thanks for taking the time to read this